BIOQUANTINE® Advanced Biologic Solution


BIOQUANTINE® solution - a proprietary blend of 94 Polypeptides that triggers a powerful regeneration process by activating the body's stem cells to reverse, restore and repair damaged human DNA cells.

BIOQUANTINE® solution can be applied in humans to address both the need for regeneration and repair.

BIOQUANTINE® solution is capable of not only erasing TISSUE DAMAGE, but STIMULATION GROWTH & REGENERATION in tissue that has been destroyed.

BIOQUANTINE® solution creates a specific biological environmental to boost the DNA repair on all the research it has been applied to.

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Bioquantine® for Aesthetics and skincare
EXCLUSIVE Bioquantine®

Bioquantine® Pure Parenteral Solution

(Medical and Aesthetic use 1ml / 10 ml)

An intensive skin repair and anti ageing serum containing a proprietary blend of 
94 Polypeptides that triggers a powerful regeneration process by activating the body's stem cells to reverse, restore and repair damaged human DNA cells .

Our advanced formulation is the only polypeptide serum on the market to combine a professional-grade Nobel prize winning read more...

Regenerative medicine aims to replace or regenerate damaged cells, tissues, or organs, both structurally and functionally, which have lost their optimal biological regulatory condition. Regeneration in nature can occur at the cellular, tissue, organ, structural, and even whole-body levels, but in humans is naturally significantly limited with aging. 

Bioquantine® with Microneedling

Bioquantine® is a patented, all-natural bioactive extract designed to reverse the aging process. . This incredible extract includes 94 polypeptidesBy utilizing this formula, read more... 

This fantastic extract OF 94 POLYPEPTIDES (a World Class First) allows damaged cells to reprogram and repair themselves back into healthy and youthful cells. Bioquantine® uses a natural signalling system, which helps to reverse the terminally differentiated diseased or aging cells towards a younger and healthier state. In other words, it helps the body fix its cells naturally. From skin cells to organ tissue, Bioquantine® works the same way regardless of what type of cell it is or how badly it's damaged. However, cells that have more damage than others will also take longer to repair.

When used in a skincare application, Bioquantine® reconstructs collagen and elastin fibres to restore structure, elasticity, and firmness. The tiny size of the Bioquantine®  molecules allows it to penetrate through the Epidermis, into the Dermis (the second layer of skin), and begin its essential regeneration process, whereas most products on the market today can only affect the top layer and cannot heal and regenerate your skin.

Bioquantine® represents the first of its kind, integrated approach towards biologic age reversal in humans, which addresses the full biological regulatory architecture of human aging processes , to bring them under complete medical control in the very near future.